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پينګټانګ قدرتی توانائی او پہ سمندری اشتراک کښي د اخپل فرائض تر سرہ کوی

سوژ و چین  10 ستمبر 2020/ پی آر نیوز واټر/  — پہ 6 ستمبر لہ چینایی مرکزي ټي وی کے یو ایچ ډي چینل (سی سی ټی وي 4 کے(پہ پرائم ټايم باندی وړاندي کولو ولا رنګين فل پرتګال ډاکومينټري پہ دوران کښي پينګټانګ ونډ فلوټ ايټلانټک )ډبليو ایف اے( سب مرین پاور ټرانسميشن ای […]


NA Speaker seeks report from IGP Punjab about tragic motorway incident

Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser during his telephonic conversation with IG Punjab on Friday, sought a detailed report over Motorway rape incident. He said all possible steps should be taken to provide justice to the affected woman. Speaker National Assembly said the accused involved in this incident should be arrested immediately and punished according to […]


NAB constitutes team to investigate alleged Sugar Subsidy Scandal

National Accountability Bureau has constituted a Combined Investigation Team (CIT) for an impartial, independent and transparent investigation into alleged Sugar Subsidy Scandal. The decision was taken at a meeting chaired by NAB Chairman Javed Iqbal in Islamabad on Friday, after reviewing the report of Sugar Commission. The committee to be headed by DG NAB Rawalpindi […]