Any attack on Saudi Arabia is considered an attack on Pakistan: Information Minister

Pakistani Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry praised Saudi government's performance for successfully organizing and arranging this year's Hajj season, and for the great efforts and arrangements made by the Kingdom, under the leadership of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman, to enable the pilgrims to perform their rituals in ease and tranquility.

Speaking to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), Chaudhry described the relations between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan as important and strategical, saying that these relations will further be strengthened in the future.

The Pakistani minister said the Kingdom, which is home to the Grand Mosque and the Prophet Mosque, holds an important position in the Islamic world. He added that Saudi Arabia's politics are looked upon with respect throughout the Islamic world and on the global level.

Chaudhry assured that the government and people of Pakistan view the services extended by the Saudi leadership to the Two Holy Mosques and the immense efforts for their extension with respect.

The minister said that Pakistan will not allow anyone to interfere in the sovereignty of the Kingdom or harm the security of the holy sites, stressing that any kind of attack on the Two Holy Mosques will be considered as equal of attacking Pakistan. He declared that Saudi Arabia is a valuable partner of Pakistan, spelling out that the two countries hold brotherly ties and that the same will usher in more development and diversity in the future.

Chaudhry underscored the importance of increased coordination between the information ministries of both the countries, in order to pool their experiences and capabilities for mutual benefit. He also emphasized on extending cooperation to promote real values of Islam which reject terrorism.

The minister further highlighted the fact that Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have always supported the actual message conveyed by the Islamic religion, which renounces terrorism and extremism in all their forms.

The Pakistani official stated that the Pak-Saudi relations in the political, civil-military, media and investment areas, will see further progress and prosperity. He said the two countries are also hopeful of strengthening their bilateral security ties as well as their long-standing friendship and partnership, depending on their different sectors.

On the international level, Chaudhry noted that Pakistan will cooperate with Saudi Arabia in addressing the issues of the Islamic world and achieving peace and stability in the Middle East and South Asia with the help of international organizations, including the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

The minister asserted that the bilateral Pak-Saudi relations have strengthened since Islamabad joined the Riyadh-based Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC). He highlighted the fact that IMCTC plays a vital role in eliminating terrorism and extremism.

Also in his statements, Minister Chaudhry said that King Salman enjoys much respect in Pakistan, where Pakistani people consider him as a veteran Islamic and political leader, who works for global peace.

Meanwhile, he noted that the Saudi Vision 2030, adopted by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, deputy prime minister and defense minister, is by all standards a qualitative shift in the mature Saudi political thought. He affirmed that Vision 2030 will lead the Islamic world, especially with regard to the Islamic methodology and the entrenchment of the values of tolerance and peaceful coexistence.

Chaudhry added that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who enjoys the great respect and appreciation at the international level, has become a role model for the younger generation in the Muslim world and an inspiring global leader.

Source: International Islamic News Agency