Arab human rights panel demands probe into Israeli crimes against Palestinians

Cairo (UNA-OIC) � An Arab human rights committee on Saturday called on the International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor to open an immediate investigation into Israel's continuing crimes against Palestinians.

The Arab League's Permanent Committee on Human Rights also urged UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres to take legal action against Israel due to its crimes in Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) and to stop recent US measures that run counter to international law, violate Palestinian rights and put international peace and security in jeopardy.

Chairman of the Committee Dr. Amjad Shammout visited the Palestinians who were injured in clashes with Israeli occupying forces during recent protests in the Gaza Strip, according to a statement released by the panel.

Astringently blasting Israel as an "oppressive and murderous entity", Shammout said Israeli politicians and officers must be taken to the ICC. He also called for legal action against the United States following the relocation of its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Source: International Islamic News Agency