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Arab League official urges support for Jordan to help Syrian refugees

Chairman of the Arab Permanent Committee on Human Rights at the Arab League Dr. Amjad Shamout called on the international community to provide the necessary support to Jordan to help it continue its humanitarian role in helping Syrian refugees.

During a visit to the Al Zaatari camp for Syrian refugees on Tuesday, Shamout said Jordan has provided many services for more than 1.5 million refugees, despite limited resources.

The role played by Jordan far exceeds its capacity, especially since it had received only 20 percent of international pledges, added Shamout, who noted that Jordan is one of the largest refugee host countries in the world.

The Arab League official indicated that his visit to the camp aimed at showing the international community's negligence toward Jordan, in addition to checking on the level of services provided to refugees. He commended the level of services provided in the camp and was briefed on services and challenges the camp faces in dealing with the refugee crisis.

The Al Zaatari camp, north of Jordan, home to some 80,000 refugees, includes 32 schools with 22,000 students, two hospitals and 11 health centers, as well as water and sanitation systems that will be completed in September.

Source: International Islamic News Agency