Guangdong Tourism Cross-industry Integration Made Steady Progress and Showed Preliminary Beneficial Results

GUANGZHOU, China, Apr. 5, 2017 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/ — In recent years, Guangdong tourism is entering into the golden age, industry integration is the realistic choice of tourism development. Therefore, Guangdong provincial government has incorporated all-for-one tourism development into provincial unified strategies.

Tourism is connected with more than a hundred and ten industries. All-for-one tourism means that in a certain administrative area, tourism is acting as an advantage leading industry to realize the organic integration of regional resources, to deeply integrate the development of industries and to achieve the participation of the whole society. Thus, all-for-one tourism is a new idea and model for regional tourism development, through tourism industry driving or even leading the comprehensive economic and social development, in-depth integration of tourism and other industries can be achieved.

In 2016, seven cities and counties, namely City of Shenzhen, Zhuhai and Zhongshan, Boluo County and Longmen County of Huizhou City, Kaiping County and Taishan County of Jiangmen City, have been selected and listed in the first batch of “National All-for-one Tourism Demonstration Zone”.

At present, benefited from tourism integration development, the preliminary beneficial results of Jiangmen tourism industry have revealed. With the development of health tourism and industrial tourism, Chenpi (pericarpium citri reticulatae) Village in Xinhui has attracted a great flow of visitors, where a small piece of dried orange peel is worthy of gold. The Agricultural Development Bank of China, Jiangmen branch is bringing capital into tourism industry, with RMB 5.6 billion credited for Jiangmen tourism projects in recent years, and RMB 1.95 billion credited for Chikan Old Town Protection and Development Project, helping tourism industry hitching a capital ride. Naqin peninsula in Taishan enjoys fantastic jagged rocks and unique scenery, and has become a famous photography base for wedding photos shooting. Beautiful scenery of Jiangmen has attracted more and more young people to visit and record beautiful moments of their life.

Director of Tourism Administration of Guangdong province, Zeng Yingru said Guangdong will closely align with all-for-one tourism development strategy in 2017, strengthen the development of coastal towns, coastal resorts, winter leisure tourism, ocean hot spring and other new formats, focus on planning a world-class tourist district of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay Area, thus to build the most beautiful and attractive costal tourism belt in Guangdong.

Source: Tourism Administration of Guangdong Province