Guangzhou, a Global Development Center for Intelligent Manufacturing

GUANGZHOU, China, June 8, 2017 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/–

Soon, passengers commuting by subway in China might enter the station bysimplywaving theirhand or having their face scanned.

Liu Wei, president of PCI-Suntek Technology Co.,Ltd., the pioneer of China’s rail transit intelligent system, is proud that its intelligent technology has been widely used in more than 30 provinces and autonomous regions in China. The company is now striving to become a world-class intelligent technology leader.

PCI-Suntek, founded in 1986 before establishing six research and development bases in the world (Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, Chongqing, Shanghai, and Silicon Valley in the United States), is the epitome of innovation in Guangzhou’s industrial chains of intelligent equipment and intelligent manufacturing.

As China’s third largest city, Guangzhou has long been globally known as a commercial metropolis. A large number of world-renowned enterprises have emerged here, especially in the city’s three pillar industries: automobile, electronics and petrochemical, among which, are Guangzhou Automobile Group and GSK CNC Equipment. Last year, the market size of its intelligent equipment and robotics industry alone, almost reached 50 billion yuan, or 7.4 billion US dollars.

The Strategic Planning of Made in Guangzhou 2025, released in March 2016, highlights ten fields: intelligent equipment and robotics, energy-saving and new energy vehicles, bio-medicine and health industries, etc., and plans to develop industrial clusters of ten advanced manufacturing industries.

“The key to the development of Guangzhou’s real economy is advancing the quality and efficiency and improving the level of high-end industries. Our goal is to build a demonstration city adopting the Made in China 2025 initiative, a national innovation base for high-end equipment manufacturing, and a demonstrating and leading area, where intelligent manufacturing and intelligent service are integrated,” said a high official of the Guangzhou Municipal Government. By 2020, the value added in advanced manufacturing industry in Guangzhou will account for more than 70% of that in manufacturing enterprises above designated size.

To achieve this goal, Guangzhou has made promoting intelligent manufacturing a priority in building an international hub of technological innovation, and in the process, “Guangzhou will look up to the most advanced manufacturing industries in the world,” said Li Yujun, inspector of Guangzhou Industry and Information Committee.

According to some market participants, the development of intelligent manufacturing industry in Guangzhou features clear international perspectives and open economy. “Action Plan for Sino-foreign Cooperation Zone Construction” was implemented in 2016, and at the same time, Guangzhou, focusing on advanced manufacturing countries and regions such as the United States, Europe, Israel and South Korea, established an enterprise project library, covering nearly 40,000 advanced technologies.

To better attract international investment in intelligent manufacturing, Guangzhou has established a Strategic Cooperation and Development Alliance for the Sino-foreign Cooperation Zone, holding and assisting over 40 cooperation activities in Germany, Ukraine, South Korea and other places, and inviting foreign experts to carry out technical promotion more than 200 times.

The market hasreacted warmly. Advanced manufacturing and information technology projects, led by Foxconn, the world’s largest professional electronics manufacturer, and Cisco, an American networking giant, were launched this March. It is estimated that, led by the Foxconn project alone, the output value of Guangzhou’s electronic information manufacturing industry will exceed 73.5 billion US dollars (about 500 billion yuan) in 2020.

Source: Guangzhou Municipal Government