India wants to change the demography of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir: Masood

AJK President Sardar Masood Khan says through abolishment of Article 35-A of the constitution, India wants to change the demography of the majority Muslim population areas of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

Addressing a gathering of Kashmiris refugees at Ambur near Muzaffarabad today, he said despite all Indian atrocities, Kashmiris through unity and commitment frustrated Indian conspiracy to abrogate Article 35-A of its constitution.

President Masood said the nefarious Indian move to abolish Article 35-A clearly aimed at further scuttling the minimum privileges that Kashmiris have under the Indian constitution.

He said India employed such tactics in the past but failed, and this time too, Kashmiris will thwart its nefarious designs.

Masood Khan said that large-scale protests across the Occupied Territory reflects the will of the Kashmiris against the petition seeking repeal of the article.

He assured Kashmiri refugees that both AJK and Pakistan government would take all possible measures to address their genuine problems.

Source: Radio Pakistan