Islamic Solidarity Fund gives $ 6.6 million in financing to Chicago Islamic College

The OIC Islamic Solidarity Fund (ISF) decided to make financial contributions to the American Islamic College (AIC) in Chicago.

Dr. Yusuf A. Al-Othaimeen, OIC's Secretary General and Chairman of the College's Board of Trustees, said that ISF made contributions amounting to about $ 6.641 million during the period between 1980 and 2018 and that was in line with implementation of the decisions of the Permanent Council.

Al-Othaimeen stated that the AIC was purchased in Illinois in 1980 with the contribution of the government of Saudi Arabia, the ISF and a loan from the Islamic Development Bank (IDB).

The College was established in the USA as a non-profit higher education institution. It grants academic degrees in the fields of religion, science, and education.

Source: International Islamic News Agency