Jordan armed forces continue humanitarian role toward Syrian refugees

Amman The Jordan Armed Forces - Arab Army (JAF) have over the past years dealt with the aftermath of the Syrian crisis, facilitating the entry of Syrians who were forced to flee the conflict in their country and seek refuge in the Kingdom, according to a statement.

The armed forces, in cooperation with the United Nations and humanitarian organizations, have been working to bring in the sick and wounded and other displaced people across the border, including from the Al-Rukban camp, it said.

The JAF, in coordination with international organizations working in the area, seek to rise to 300 per day the number of sick and wounded people from Al Al-Rukban camp for treatment in the Kingdom, it said.

"This humanitarian task undertaken by the armed forces requires a joint effort by the Jordanian armed forces, on the one hand, and United Nations organizations and humanitarian and international organizations, on the other," added the statement.

It warrants that the UN and the rest of the international organizations increase the number of ambulances and expand and supply clinics with the necessary equipment and medical staff, it said, noting that the JAF are currently facilitating the entry and evacuation of critically ill people from Al-Rukban to Jordanian hospitals.

Source: International Islamic News Agency