K-Electric Set to Reduce Electricity Prices

K-Electric is all set to lower electricity tariff by Rs. 2.59 per unit under fuel cost adjustment for December 2021.

A hearing was conducted in the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) on the request of K-Electric to lower electricity prices for consumers in Karachi. Hearing on the petition was presided over by Chairman NEPRA, Tauseef H. Farooqi.

According to details, the power utility company had asked the power regulator to lower electricity prices by Rs. 1.80 per unit under fuel adjustment charges for December 2021.

The decision, if approved by NEPRA, after analyzing the data shared by the power utility, would give an overall relief of Rs. 2.10 billion to the power consumers in Karachi.

K-Electric, in its briefing to the hearing, informed that the electricity consumption was lower in December as compared to the previous months. NEPRA officials briefed that the gas pressure reduction and merit order violations also took place, which caused a loss of Rs. 108 million.

NEPRA officials said that K-Electric’s request for an additional Rs. 0.78 per unit would be added to the fuel charges adjustment (FCA) request for December. NEPRA officials informed the hearing that a total of Rs. 2.59 per unit would be ascertained as FCA for K-Electric instead of the requested Rs. 1.79 per unit.

The Chairman NEPRA, after the detailed briefing, remarked that at least Karachiites will be happy that the regulator also gives relief, and February bills would be much lesser for the consumers in Karachi.

This will be good news for the people of Karachi if FCA is low, said Chairman NEPRA

It is pertinent to mention here that for November 2021, the NEPRA reduced the power tariff for K-Electric consumers up to Rs. 0.76 per unit under FCA.

However, the reduction will not apply to lifeline consumers of K-Electric. The authority reserved the decision and after reviewing the statistics will issue the notification.

Source: Pro Pakistani