Lahore General Hospital (LGH) is among the city’s busiest avenues, especially during the daytime. Due to a large number of visitors and staff, the parking space is quickly filled during peak hours, which leads to road parking and subsequent traffic jams.

In his discussion with the media, caretaker provincial health minister Prof. Dr. Javed Akram informed that LGH will get a dedicated parking plaza soon to ease the traffic in the area and provide adequate parking facilities to the staff.

The minister also stated that the hospital will get a pediatric urology ward to cater to the patients. He stated that the caretaker government aims to facilitate the public through all viable means.

Action Against Illegal Parking

Last month, Commissioner Muhammad Ali Randhawa ordered strict action against parking in commercial buildings without permits in Lahore. He ordered the police to collaborate with the local administration to bring the efforts to fruition.

The department will seal non-compliant plazas and buildings, and fine parking areas. The joint operation will involve all LDA and MCL metropolitan wings and ACs, Randhawa stated.

According to the commissioner, 9 main avenues across Lahore are being converted into model roads. Encroachments along these roads will be eradicated in a citywide operation.

Source: Pro Pakistani