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Makkah imam warns against forces fighting sectarian strife

Makkah (IINA) - Sheikh Saleh Bin Humaid, imam and khateeb of the Grand Mosque in Makkah, warned against the forces that are fueling sectarian strife in the region.

In his Friday sermon, Bin Humaid said the interventions of (some forces) in the region have had a negative impact on exacerbating sectarian, religious, national and ethnic conflicts in the region. He said that it is a must to rein in this armed chaos, led by terrorists by abusing youth, and behind them are sponsors of terrorism, who have helped extremist groups to create polarization in the conflict zones, the Saudi Press Agency reported quoting him as saying.

Bin Humaid affirmed that the Islamic Nation wants true peace; freedom in its sovereignty, its territories and wealth; as well as independence in its decisions, in its affairs, in its future and future of its generations. The relations between nations and communities shall be based on equality, mutual respect, preservation of values, and realization of common human values, he said. The imam also noted that the Islamic Nation sees that people are partners in the building of the world and there should be mutual cooperation in the economic and political fields with the objective of achieving the overall betterment of the humanity. The Islamic Nation appreciates and values, the dignity of human beings and decent relationship between people, he added.

Bin Humaid also called on believers to take maximum advantage of the upcoming holy month of Ramadan with more supplications and repentance seeking the mercy and forgiveness of God and an increase in charities and alleviating the suffering of people in distress.

Source: International Islamic News Agency