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Merkel affirms Germany’s support for two-state solution in Middle East

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas received a phone call on Tuesday from German Chancellor Angela Merkel, during which he was briefed about the outcome of her meetings with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Merkel affirmed the position of Germany and the European Union supporting the realization of peace based on the two-state solution. She pointed to the fact that the EU has provided considerable financial support to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) so that it would continue to perform its mandate. She also voiced her concerns on the conditions in the besieged Gaza Strip.

On his turn, Abbas thanked Germany for its economic support to Palestinian institution-building and the UNRWA. He briefed Merkel on the latest developments with regards to the relations with Israel and the United States. He stressed his commitment to political work and non-rejection of negotiations based on the two-state solution along 1967 borders and resolutions of international legitimacy through a multilateral mechanism, such as 5+1.

Meanwhile, Abbas affirmed the Palestinian leadership's commitment to achieving national reconciliation under Egyptian auspices pursuant to the October 2017 Reconciliation Agreement aimed at ending the division between the Palestinian factions. He also underlined his total rejection of any scheme that entrenches the division.

Both leaders agreed to maintain communication and coordination over the next period.

Source: International Islamic News Agency