National Athletes Are Getting Less Daily Allowance Than Minimum Wages for Laborers

While athletes in various sports around the world are earning millions, the athletes in Pakistan continue to suffer. According to The News, national athletes who are currently attending training camps for the upcoming mega-events including the 14th South Asian Games are reportedly getting only Rs. 200 as daily allowance, which is in fact less than what daily workers in the country earn.

The nation expects the athletes to win medals and make their country proud without realizing the hardships they go through to just get to the national stage. While the different sports authorities have many times reiterated that efforts are being made to help out the athletes financially, it is hard to figure out where the money is being spent.

According to details, the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) and Ministry of Inter-Provincial Coordination (IPC) had claimed that a budget of Rs. 4 billion had been allocated for the training programs for the upcoming South Asian Games but the fact of the matter is that the finances have not been distributed amongst the hopeful athletes.

With the ever-increasing inflation in the country, the prices of essential products have already surged. The national athletes who require more facilities than an average person to perform to the best of their abilities are expected to afford three meals a day for Rs. 200. According to the athletes, they are unable to cover their expenses as it is not even possible to get half a decent meal for Rs. 200.

With dire facilities and little to no finances involved it would not be a surprise if Pakistan fails to win any medals in the upcoming major events and it certainly would not be the fault of the athletes. The question arises, how long will the sad state of Pakistan sports continue?

Source: Pro Pakistani