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New flooding in Sierra Leone displaces nearly 4,500

Freetown, (IINA) - Torrential rains in Sierra Leone's capital over the last two days have displaced some 4,500 people, as well as claiming the lives of two children and destroying houses and property, a government spokesman said Monday.

"The new floods over the weekend displaced 4,471 people from the Congo Cross and Murray town areas," Abdulai Bayraytay said, according to Anadolu Agency.

The flooding comes just weeks after an August 14 flood and mudslide disaster which killed over 600 and displaced over 10,000 people in Freetown, capital of the West African nation.

"The government and other international partners are working to set up temporary settlements for flood-stricken people while we figure out a lasting solution," Bayraytay said.

He urged residents of Freetown to avoid walking or driving through floodwaters or driving on bridges and told them to follow the instructions of rescue workers.

Source: International Islamic News Agency