Pakistani cricket fans are witnessing the most anticipated event of this year. If you’re active on Instagram, some of these famous Pakistani cricketers are not only bringing the heat on the field but off the field as well. Their style is something their fans always look forward to.

Of course, part of their dressing that people take note of is their wristwatches. If you’re curious whether your favorite cricketer has an eye for timepieces, here is a list of famous Pakistani cricketers and their timepieces of choice:

Here are a few famous Pakistani cricketers (both active and retired) who also have a strong wrist game:

Among the famous Pakistani cricketers on this list, there is no doubt that Shahid Afridi is currently the most talked about. The veteran player has recently ended his seven-year PSL career midway because of chronic back pain.

Considering his sizable fandom, it is not surprising that he recently signed as brand ambassador for Sveston Watches. Since Afridi was himself a fan of watches so the partnership was ideal.

Recently, the brand has also released a limited-edition Shahid Afridi Collection to honor the veteran player. To add a personal touch to it, they also let Afridi have his iconic “Boom Boom” signature pose to it.

Sveston Afridi X is a stainless-steel limited-edition timepiece that comes with a license with the Afridi signature embossed on it. It seems that Sveston made the right choice signing Afridi as its ambassador due to which the brand has drawn a lot of praise. The former captain of the Pakistani cricket team Sarfaraz Ahmed may have eagle vision behind the wickets, but his fans have sharper eyes for spotting his chosen timepieces.

Based on observation, Sarfaraz also loves wearing fashion on his wrists occasionally. By pairing his watches with simple and modest outfits, Sarfaraz has proven that he can pull an outfit that looks clean, yet can easily be put together.

Glancing at his carefully-curated collection, his favorite is also in fact Afridi X and the wicket-keeper batter has been seen numerous times wearing matching this timepiece with this decent outfit. Its black dial is versatile enough to wear both casually and semi-formally.

It’s true that the wrist game in the Pakistani cricket squad is thriving because next on our list is the power-hitter Asif Ali who was seen showing off a limited timepiece from his watch collection.

Like his fellow teammates, Asif Ali is also a fan of Shahid Afridi Limited Edition watches. In fact, he owns a limited edition Boomston which is a strong stainless-steel watch and comes in only 3 color variants and very few collectors own this limited-edition watch.

The young emerging Shahnawaz Dahani was also among the cricketers seen wearing fashion on his wrist. Being one of the youngest fast bowlers on the Pakistan national cricket team, Shahnawaz Dahani is also the youngest watch enthusiast on our list.

Among Dahani’s wristwatch collection is the Sveston Tronic which he is usually spotted by fans wearing in both casual and formal settings.

Next up on our list of watch enthusiasts is Pakistan’s medium-fast bowler Sameen Gul. He was seen sporting Sveston Zoddok which is indeed a versatile watch and sporty enough to be worn with a hoodie and or a sweatshirt.

Compared to the other famous cricketers in this list, Sameen Gul’s taste in watches is sportier while others prefer timepieces that are ideal for both casual and formal settings. The watch is available only in the online store and this model is available in more than ten sporty colors.

Finally, on our list, we have right-arm fast bowler Sohail Khan Afridi who was also spotted wearing Afridi X from Shahid Afridi Limited Collection. Sohail Khan was rocking what appears to be the luxury case of limited-Edition Afridi X Chronograph in Black.

According to the brand, these limited-edition timepieces are already high in demand and gaining a lot of praise as the brand itself is known for offering the best discounts on watch price in pakistan.

Source: Pro Pakistani