ISLAMABAD, Pakistan, Pakistani Taliban, on Friday confirmed that a U.S. strike, in Afghanistan's border region, has killed a son of the group's chief, Maulvi Fazalullah.

Pakistani intelligence officials had earlier said that, a U.S. pilot-less aircraft fired missiles on a camp of Pakistani militants, in Afghanistan's eastern Kunar province and killed 21 militants.

"An American drone struck a religious school, along the Pak-Afghan border, on Mar 7, 2018," said a Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) statement, that was emailed to the local media.

The statement said the attack killed Abdullah, 17-year son of the TTP chief and 20 other students and teachers.

Pakistani intelligence officials, said that, the U.S. drone fired two missiles on the militants in Shaltan area of Kunar province of Afghanistan, on Wednesday morning.

Senior TTP commander, Yasin, was also among those killed. He was the instructor of the suicide bombers.

They said, the drone struck the camp, when they were busy with physical training, in the rugged mountainous region, bordering Pakistan's Bajaur tribal region.

Pakistani officials have said that, members of the TTP and other Pakistani groups have fled to Afghanistan, following major military operations in the country's tribal regions and Swat Valley in the north-west.

Source: Nam News Network.