PFA Seals Factory with 22,000 Liter of Fake Carbonated Drinks

The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has sealed a factory manufacturing counterfeit carbonated drinks of different popular brands in Lahore.

During the raid, the PFA team also discarded 22,000 liters of drinks and raw material for 51,000 bottles.

The operation was conducted under the supervision of PFA Director General (DG), Shoaib Khan Jadoon, on Ferozepur Road, where the factory was located.

Speaking to the media, the PFA DG said that an FIR has been lodged against the factory owner on account of adulteration. Further, the machinery, chemical drums, empty bottles, and labeling material were also confiscated.

“Fake beverages of different brands were being prepared at the factory with prohibited and harmful chemicals just for minting money,” he said, further adding that these beverages were being supplied to different local shops in the provincial capital and its adjacent areas.

The DG PFA said that contamination of artificial sweeteners and unclean water in the soft drinks were also found in the factory. He noted that such spurious drinks, prepared without a formula, may cause severe diseases, such as cancer and ulcer.

Source: Pro Pakistan