PIA and Etihad Airways Restore Their Codeshare Agreement

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and Etihad Airways have agreed to restore their codeshare partnership to offer passengers better access to both airlines' routes between Pakistan and the UAE.

Codeshare partnership is an agreement between two airlines in which one airline sells the seats on a flight operated by the other airline, each using their own flight number.

According to Etihad Airways, the sale of tickets under the codeshare partnership will begin from 13th November. The first flight under the partnership will take off on 26th November.

Etihad Airways will use the code 'EY' for PIA flights to and from Abu Dhabi to Islamabad, Peshawar, and Lahore.

PIA will use the code 'PK' for flights of Etihad Airways from Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore to Abu Dhabi.

Chief Commercial Officer of Etihad Airways, Robin Kamark, said:

The UAE and Pakistan share strong historical, commercial and cultural links and this partnership with PIA, one of the oldest and most experienced airlines in Asia, is a natural progression for both carriers.

Kamark further added:

It enables us to cater to the strong customer demand for both point-to-point business and visual flight rules travel between the UAE and major cities in Pakistan, and to provide seamless travel options for the large Pakistani diaspora around the world, connecting through our hub in Abu Dhabi.

Chief Commercial Officer of PIA, Nausherwan Adil, termed the restoration of codeshare partnership a historic moment.

Nausherwan said:

The relationship between Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates has always been a strong one and we feel proud to be working closely with our friends at Etihad Airways.

PIA began its operations in Abu Dhabi three decades ago. Currently, 7 flights from Islamabad, Lahore, and Peshawar fly to Abu Dhabi each week.

Etihad Airways launched its operations in Pakistan in 2004. At the moment, Etihad Airways operates 2 flights from Abu Dhabi to Islamabad daily, 11 flights to Lahore per week, and a daily service to Karachi.

Source: Pro Pakistani