Priority given to progress of entire Balochistan in budget: Jam Kamal

Chief Minister Balochistan Mir Jam Kamal Khan has said that such a provincial budget has been presented in the House for the new fiscal year 2019-2020 in which priority has been given to an early progress and prosperity of the entire province.

In a statement, Jam said in Quetta today that the newly presented budget will reflect all the commitments made by them in the election campaign.

The Chief Minister further stated that the first ever and largest framework has been worked out for beautification of provincial metropolis, Quetta in the history of the province.

Jam went on saying that the present government would also keep on working hard for the betterment of education, health sectors and create maximum employment opportunities throughout the province.

He added that the provincial government in collaboration with its coalition partners at federation is trying its level best to resolve the crucial issues including construction of new highways and Makran Grid Station.

Source: Radio Pakistan