Japan’s immigration authorities have reported an unprecedented rise in the number of Pakistanis entering the country for work, education, and business. Over 5,000 Pakistanis have registered in Japan for various reasons in just 10 months.

In a recent interview, the Pakistani Ambassador to Japan, Raza Bashir Tarar, emphasized the concerted efforts to facilitate the settlement of as many Pakistanis in Japan as swiftly as possible.

Ambassador Tarar highlighted the involvement of Japanese government officials and private sector representatives in seminars held at the Pakistani embassy in Tokyo and Osaka. These interactions suggest that the number of Pakistanis in Japan could potentially surge into the hundreds of thousands if Pakistan continues to supply Japan with high-quality human resources.

Ambassador Tarar commended the Federal Minister for Overseas Pakistanis, Sajid Hussain Tori, for his personal commitment to the project and the establishment of a task force in Pakistan to guarantee its success. He also appreciated the contributions of Community Welfare Attaché Ashi Aashi Lakhman at the embassy.

Ambassador Tarar recognized the challenge posed by the current scarcity of Japanese language schools in Pakistan, as Japanese proficiency is a crucial prerequisite for the project. However, with the assistance of the Embassy of Pakistan, several Japanese language schools have been established in Pakistan, which will significantly boost the number of Pakistanis migrating to Japan in the near future.

He also underlined that opportunities in Japan extend beyond traditional sectors, noting that even farmers can now migrate to Japan. Various technical fields offer lucrative prospects for Pakistani individuals, with detailed information available on the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis’ website. In particular, IT specialists can secure well-paid jobs in Japan.

Source: Pro Pakistani