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Rohingya refugees reject UNHCR papers that do not contain their rights

Dozens of Rohingya refugees gathered in Bangladesh to express their rejection of documents handed to them by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), saying they do not contain their most important human rights demands.

A video clip, broadcast by Arakan News Agency, showed dozens of Rohingya refugees waving papers, saying they had received from UNHCR but did not contain the term refugees or Rohingya.

Refugees said UNHCR had replaced old documents with these new papers, stressing that they wanted to return them unless they included their demands or recovered their old documents.

More than one million Rohingya refugees have crossed the border into Bangladesh in spaced intervals, the latest of which was in late August last year, where nearly 700,000 members of the Muslim minority have fled Myanmar's brutal military crackdown into neighboring Bangladesh.

Source: International Islamic News Agency