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Samsung brings revised version of Galaxy Note 7 to market

Seoul, (IINA) - Samsung is to introduce a reworked version of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone into the market in the coming days, the manufacturer reported Sunday.

The new model, to be called the Galaxy Note FE (Fan Edition), will have lower battery power than the Note 7 and is made of reworked or unused Note 7 components.

The Note 7, which was launched in August last year, was finally discontinued altogether in October following a global recall, after the company failed to find a solution to the batteries catching fire.

The company later pointed to the design and production of the Note 7's batteries as causing the problem. The initial run of the Note FE to hit South Korea on July 7 will be limited to 400,000 units, with distribution outside South Korea to be decided later. The price domestically will run at under 700,000 won (610 dollars), about 30 percent cheaper than the original.

According to Samsung, the new phone is on the market "to minimize the environmental impact of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 devices." Environmental groups had criticized the original plan to scrap completely millions of smart phones.

Source: International Islamic News Agency