Shisper Glacier water discharge normal: GBDMA

SupraGlacial Lake formed at the Shisper Glacier has started receding with a water discharge of 200 cusecs to 220 cusecs per day below the surging glacier which ruled out risk of glacial flooding.

According to Gilgit Baltistan Disaster Management Authority, it is routine flow of water which usually pours in summer season at 400 cusecs.

The last satellite images received by Pakistan Meteorological Department show the glacial lake at Shisper Glacier to be contracting which had mitigated the disaster risk.

There might be two reasons for plummeting size of the glacier: mainly under surface discharge of water and the upward movement along with the penetration of the glacier into lake which consequently got submerged into the glacier.

The isotopic analysis would help determine the source of water discharging beneath the glacier as at present it was not for sure either the water rolling down was glacial lake or the glacier's melting water.

The Authority Official said there is no need for displacing the local community of Hassanabad Village and its vicinity as there was no glacial lake outburst or flooding risk where the water flow is normal.

Source: Radio Pakistan