The First Smart Logistics Express Launched to Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiency for Logistics Sector

GUANGZHOU, China, July 8, 2017 /Xinhua-AsinNet/– On July 7, Guangdong iBosst Ltd. launched “the first smart logistics express,” a project dedicated to building a smart logistics express cable rail system covering the urban and rural areas of China, aiming to achieve same-day delivery of goods nationwide and one-hour delivery city-wide, and halve the cost through the “cable rail + shuttle robots” pattern.

Currently, Guangzhou is vigorously developing its “IAB” project, i.e., the strategic emerging industries including Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Bio-pharmaceutical, rapidly accumulating high-end factors like talents, technology and capital driven by technological innovation and supply-side reform. And the “smart logistics express”(hereinafter referred to as “smart express”) of iBosst is just an epitome of this trend.

In May this year, the first 15-km-long “smart express” was completed in Xin’an Town, Huazhou City, Guangdong Province, providing a pilot solution for the current supply-side innovation of logistics industry. Based on low-altitude static cable rails, the Express forms an “expressway” in the air to carry unmanned shuttle robots loaded with small amount of goods within 100 kilograms. It allows the robots to make turns and shunt, making it possible to deliver the parcels to their destinations rapidly, with low energy consumption and low cost.

Technological innovation is the gene of success and the driving force of rapid development for an enterprise. Ma Yasheng, Chairman of iBosst, noted that the completion of the “smart express” was a process of continuously challenging “impossibilities”.

With soft wirerope tracks developed and a series of smart technologies innovated, including the shuttle robot automatic driving system and backstage automatic digital control, the Express features 4 factors – “flexibility, punctuality, fast speed, low cost.” The current construction cost of the smart logistics express is RMB150,000/km, and less than RMB100,000/km after mass production.

Huan Yushan, former Vice Minister of Goods and Materials and former Vice Chairman of All China Federation of Industry and Commerce, believes that the “smart express” project has set an innovative and practical example for the transformation, upgrading and breakthrough in development of China’s logistics sector and that the project can drive series of innovation investment in smart warehousing, infrastructure construction, shuttle robots production, etc.

Ma Yasheng, noted that after launching the first “smart express”, iBosst will ceaselessly improve its advantages in logistics cost, efficiency, smart transportation, etc., continuously promote deployment of new tracks and networks of smart logistics nationwide, and extend value-added services in warehousing, payment, finance, big data, etc., so as to build an “integrated platform for smart express logistics”, to accelerate formation of a market-oriented innovation system for the logistics sector, and to serve the clients from the global market.

Source: Guangdong iBosst Ltd.

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