These Are All the Xiaomi Phones that will Get Android 13

Android 12 has barely made it to phones across the globe, but it is already time to look forward to Android 13, now that 2022 is here. Google has just released the first Developer Preview of Android 13, which gives us a quick glance at what’s to come.

Although Android 13 is still in the early stages, Xiaomi is already planning out which devices will get it. There is no official word from the Chinese company yet, but we already know which Xiaomi phones are going to get Android 13 thanks to a leak from the tech blog Xiaomiui.

As the name says, Xiaomiui primarily covers Xiaomi news and leaks and it has a good track record of sharing accurate leaks, so the Android 13 news is likely credible as well. However, since the news is not official yet, there may still be slight changes in the global rollout list

Unfortunately, Android 13 will not make it to older Xiaomi devices such as the Redmi Note 9, Poco X3, Redmi 10A, Mi 10 Lite, and even the upper mid-range Mi Note 10 Lite.

Xiaomi still falls behind the likes of Samsung when it comes to OS updates. Budget Xiaomi phones usually get only one major OS update while premium phones get 2 years or so. Samsung, on the other hand, has recently started promising 3 years of OS updates for its mid-range phones and even 4 major updates for flagships.

Source: Pro Pakistani