UNA participates in workshop on improving situation of elderly in OIC countries

Jeddah (UNA-OIC) � The Union of News Agencies of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (UNA-OIC) took part in a workshop on improving the situation of the elderly in the Muslim world, held at the headquarters of the OIC General Secretariat in Jeddah on April 24-25.

The workshop aimed at studying and discussing recent trends in the situation of the elderly in the OIC member stated from a comparative perspective. It also sought to identify the challenges, policies and practices as well as opportunities for the elderly and highlight their potential role in the sustainable development of the OIC countries.

The workshop further aimed at paying tribute to the role of the older people in disseminating moral values, the virtues of solidarity and social wisdom, in addition to the need to inculcate the historical knowledge of the world cultural heritage of Islamic civilization through the OIC institutions, especially those operating in the field of youth.

In synchronization with the workshop, UNA has published a series of reports prepared by the Research Center for Statistical, Economic, Social, and Training Center for Islamic Countries (SESRIC). The reports dealt with the number of older people in the Muslim world, their living standard and government spending on them as well as the level of healthcare provided to them.

Source: International Islamic News Agency