World peace at risk as conflicts knocking at doors of Europe: Masood

AJK President Sardar Masood Khan has stressed the need to empower United Nations to play its role for the maintenance of international peace and security. He made these remarks while chairing the second session of the International Peace Studies Conference on Peace, Development and Governance at Vienna today.

He said that world peace is at risk as conflicts are no longer confined to Africa, Middle East, Latin America, South Asia, but are knocking at the doors of Europe.

Sardar Masood Khan said , there is a risk of a large-scale war that should be averted as local conflicts can ignite regional and global conflicts.

He said major powers, because of their political clout should not monopolize decision making on chronic conflicts like Jammu and Kashmir.

He said that the United Nations, in accordance with its mandate, should be allowed and encouraged to seek democratic solutions to disputes and let the people of Kashmir exercise their right to self-determination

Source: Radio Pakistan