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ایگری ہائی ٹیک میلے کا انعقاد چین کے زرعی سائنس ٹیکنالوجی مرکز یانگلنگ میں کیا جائے گا

یانگلنگ، چین، 15 ستمبر 2023ء/سنہوا-ایشیانیٹ/– 30واں چائنا یانگلنگ ایگری ہائی ٹیک میلہ 19 ستمبر کو مغربی چین کے صوبہ شانسی کے زرعی سائنس ٹیک مرکز یانگلنگ سٹی میں شروع ہوگا، جس میں مٹی کی صحت اور غذائی تحفظ پر توجہ مرکوز کی جائے گی۔ 100,000مربع میٹر سے زیادہ کے کل نمائشی علاقے کے ساتھ، میلے […]


Govt Set to Launch Crackdown Against Smuggling of Gold

The caretaker government is set to launch a crackdown against the smuggling of gold in the country.According to a report in Business Recorder, the interim government has devised a plan under which individuals involved in the smuggling of gold will be t…


Chinese Electric Car Company to Start Operations in Pakistan

A Chinese electric car manufacturer is planning to set up an electric vehicle (EV) assembly plant and showrooms in Pakistan’s major cities.The Xinjian Jingyi Cheng Group delegation, led by assistant chairman G.U. Xongquan, shared the said plan with Fed…


PMDC Holds Important Meeting to Discuss MDCAT 2023

In order to review the examination process, assess the difficulty level of the question paper, address any potential issues that may have arisen during the MDCAT exam, and ensure the fairness and integrity of the examination, the President PMDC Prof. D…


PM Kakar Forms Committee to Resolve Housing Issues of Govt Employees

Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar has constituted a steering committee to oversee housing-related issues of federal government employees.The committee, comprising Federal Secretaries, will oversee the projects being undertaken by the Federal Governmen…


LDA Recovers Property Worth Billions of Rupees From Land Mafia

In a decisive move against land grabbers, the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) executed a large-scale operation within the past 24 hours, successfully reclaiming government land worth billions of rupees.The operation, jointly conducted by LDA and loc…