Salman Khan, an Assistant Director of the Cyber Crime Cell, has been arrested along with his accomplices on charges of accepting bribes from a Chinese manager of a mobile company.

These arrests were made in Islamabad by the Anti-Corruption Wing of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), following an investigation that confirmed their guilt.

The legal proceedings were initiated by the FIA based on a complaint filed by a Chinese national. This individual had opened a bank account in Lahore and subsequently became a target of Rizwan Tufail, who masqueraded as an FIA official and extorted him.

The accused individuals petitioned the FIA to unfreeze the bank account and halt the investigation, offering a bribe of Rs. 50 million in exchange. Of this, Rs. 5 million had already been collected. Khan and two accomplices, Rizwan Tufail and Anwarul Haq, were arrested on charges of blackmail and accepting bribes. During the investigation, Tufail confessed to receiving bribes from multiple complainants.

Source: Pro Pakistani