Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) Normalisation Committee has given a clear message to other stakeholders that hope to start a football league in Pakistan without its permission or recommendations. PFF released a statement on Instagram stating that according to Article 82 of the PFF Constitution, they are the only football governing body in the country that has the right to conduct competitions on the directives of FIFA. FIFA has given these rights to the Haroon Malik-led Normalisation Committee which they appointed in January 2021 to normalize the football crisis in Pakistan by holding timely PFF elections. The apex football federation of the country has clearly stated in its public notice that any entities or competitions that are not affiliated with the PFF cannot conduct any league or cup competitions. Recently, it was reported that Global Soccer Ventures who rebranded their name as Pakistan Football League announced that they want to conduct a franchise league in November this year with 10 franchis es. Multiple sources have reported that PFF does not back the idea of the Pakistan Football League that tried to work with the previous PFF Chairman Syed Ashfaq Hussain Shah to launch the league in 2021 but failed following the attack on the apex governing body in the country three years ago. Haroon Malik-led PFF has clearly indicated that the PFF will not allow any league to be organized in Pakistan if it is not working in unison with them or does not show affiliation with the federation. Source: Pro Pakistani