The Lahore Metro Bus administration has been caught stealing electricity by the Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO), reported a local media outlet.

The Chief Executive of LESCO stated that the company suffered millions of rupees of losses as one phase of the meter used by the metro’s administration was non-functional. He added that the metro bus administration has been charged 24,000 units as a detection bill.

It should be recalled that a crackdown against electricity theft was launched across the country upon the directives of the Federal Power Division. The LESCO’s chief executive reiterated his commitment to putting an end to electricity theft.

Furthermore, he stated that everyone will be dealt with according to the law even if the employees of the company are found involved in assisting anyone in the illegal act.

Last month, LESCO had caught the owner of Lahore’s famous Butt Karahi stealing electricity. He was reportedly operating three air-conditioners (ACs) as well as supplying power to seven other flats through an illegal connection. The accused was charged with 15,524 units in the form of a detection bill.

Source: Pro Pakistani